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Effect of haematocrit on blood glucose measurements

Effect of haematocrit on blood glucose measurements

Monday 23rd October 2017

Over and under estimation of blood glucose levels due to the haematocrit level is a common source of error in self monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG). Anaemia falsely elevates whilst polycythaemia and dehydration falsely depresses blood glucose levels. The magnitude of this effect may vary about 4 to 30% for every 10% change in haematocrit depending on the blood glucose meter used (1,2,3).

According to the WHO, anaemia affects almost a quarter of the world population representing around half of pre-school children and 2 in 5 pregnant women (4).

Although some blood glucose meters have errors as high as 40%, the innovative automatic haematocrit correction technology used by VivaChek ensures that the VivaChek Ino blood glucose meter provides accurate results for patients with extremes of haematocrit levels of 20 to 70%.

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