VivaChek Test Strips Available on NHS Drug Tariff

VivaChek blood glucose meter from JRBiomedical

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VivaChek is a reliable and affordable way for your patients to monitor their blood glucose levels.
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Reliable and easy to use

VivaChek's innovative 8 electrode technology gives you the reliability and stability you need to help you control your patient's diabetes with confidence. In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 VivaChek Ino users said their meter was easy to use.

GlucoWell App for IOS

Keep track of your blood glucose levels, diet and exercise with the free GlucoWell App for iPhone. VivaChek Ino is also Diasend compatible.

Auto control recognition from VivaChek

Features such as auto control recognition helps your patient to comply with DVLA requirements by eliminating the need to tell the meter when the control solution is used. Instead, a dedicated electrode on the VivaChek test strip automatically detects the difference between blood and control. This means that control readings are automatically excluded from averages and clearly marked as controls giving you confidence in the authenticity of the results.

No-coding, haematocrit compensation, hypo and high ketone alerts, 900 measurement memory, Diasend compatible and a handy strip ejector.

Independent published evidence of ISO15197:2015 compliance

An easy to use blood glucose meter for monitoring uncomplicated diabetes.

  • Nurse led customer care team
  • ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 medical company
  • Specialist diagnostics for diabetes researchers and clinical studies
  • Available from NHS Supply Chain

Information for pharmacists

VivaChek test strips and lancets are on the NHS drug tariff and available from AAH Pharmaceuticals and Alliance Healthcare.

Working in partnership with NHS Supply Chain

VivaChek blood glucose meters and test strips can be ordered by hospitals, clinics and other government organisations from NHS Supply Chain

Why JRBiomedical?

JRBiomedical has been investing in the development of new medical diagnostics since 2005. Our research laboratory in North Wales together with close links with academia provides us with access to the latest innovations in medical technology, whilst our regulatory expertise reassures patients and clinicians of our commitment to high quality from the arrival of raw materials through to ongoing customer support.

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