VivaChek Blood Glucose Meter

VivaChek™ Ino blood glucose monitoring system

Features Specification
Measurement Range 0.6-33.3 mmol/L
Result Calibration Plasma equivalent
Sample Fresh capillary whole blood
Sample Volume 0.5µl
Test Time 5 seconds
Power Source One CR 2031 3.0V coin cell battery
Battery Life 12 months or approx 1000 tests
Memory (undeletable) 900 records with date & time
Automatic Shutoff 2 minutes after last action
Weight Approx 47g (with batteries)
Operating Temperature 5 - 45°C
Operating Relative Humidity 10-90% (non-condensing)
Haematocrit Range 20 - 70%
Diasend compatible Yes

VivaChek Ino blood glucose monitoring features

VivaChek Ino Design Features

The VivaChek Ino blood glucose meter benefits from advanced technology with 8 electrodes per strip to give your patient reliable results over the widest ranges of haematocrit, humidity and operating temperatures.

The automatic control solution recognition means that your patient's blood glucose measurements cannot be confused with control readings.

The VivaChek Ino has been designed to be intuitive to use, with the instructions written in clear, simple English.

  • 8 electrode technology for reliability
  • Automatic control solution recognition
  • Strip ejector - no need to touch blood on strip after use
  • 0.5µl blood sample
  • 5 second reading time
  • 900 measurement memory (not deletable)
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Haematocrit correction
  • Meal markers, hypo warnings and ketone alert
  • Test alarms
  • Mini USB connection to download results
  • Strips supplied as 2 packs of 25 - perfect for infrequent users

The VivaGuard App for iPhone and Android allows your patients to record their blood glucose readings, diet and lifestyle, which can be emailed or downloaded for your review.

The smart, easy to fill, test strips each contain 8 electrodes, with each batch auto-coded during manufacture to ensure strip to strip reliability. The meter containing a unique algorithm to compensate for extreme variations in haematocrit (20 to 70%), temperature (5 to 45C) and humidity makes it suitable for both self test and professional use in clinic.

In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 users said that the VivaChek Ino blood glucose meter was very easy to use.

Other features include;

  • UK customer support
  • Unique serial number for each meter
  • Secure battery compartment
  • Memory retains patient results even when batteries are changed
  • 'Easy grip' high quality, robust, precision moulded meter fits perfectly in large and small hands
  • Easy to keep clean
  • 5 year guarantee and free upgrades
  • Dual buttons for fast set up and use
  • Can be used up to an altitude of 10,000 feet (more than twice the height of Snowdon's summit)
  • Automatically recognises control solutions
  • Easy to apply meal markers
  • Ketone alert
  • Insufficient blood and damaged strip alerts
  • Patented stable mediator

VivaChek Ino Test Strips

Each pack of VivaChek Ino test strips contains 2 sealed vials containing 25 test strips each. The vial is stable until the expiry date printed on the label or 6 months after opening, whichever is soonest. Test strips are available on prescription.

VivaChek Lancets

Each pack of VivaChek lancets contains 100 sterile, CE marked disposable lancets. These lancets fit most common types of lancing devices and are also available on prescription.

VivaChek Laboratories Inc

VivaChek Laboratories Inc is a US medical device company specialising in the development and manufacture of blood glucose monitoring systems. The company offers various meters depending on patient requirements.

VivaChek's products are distributed in the UK by biotech company, JRBiomedical.

Please note: VivaChek Ino is not recommended for patients receiving oxygen therapy.