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The 8 electrode technology from VivaChek provides stability and reliability under a wide range of environmental conditions and haematocrit.

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Customer care

Whether you need help to use the meter or simply order supplies for your clinic you can speak to someone who cares.

VivaChek meters, test strips and lancets are available on prescription in the UK and free meters are supplied to diabetes clinics and GP surgeries.

Professional, qualified scientific and medical staff

JR Biomedical was established over 15 years ago to help make innovations in healthcare become as accessible as possible to patients and clinicians. Developments have included prescription products, tests to monitor vaccine production and trials of point of care tests use in neonatal intensive care units.

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Documented quality system
  • R&D laboratory

Independent evaluation for EN ISO15197:2015

In an independent trial performed by the Institut fur Diabetes, Karlsburg in July 2015 the VivaChek Ino was shown to meet the system accuracy requirements of EN ISO15197:2015.

Dr Eckard Salzsieder, independent study director concluded, "The criteria for the system accuracy according to Norm DIN EN ISO 15197:2013 were fulfilled for the blood glucose system VivaChek Ino."

  • 100% of the performed measurements were within the zone A and B of the Consensus Error Grid
  • According to the results of system acuracy 98.8% of all measurements were within the required range
  • For the the VivaChek Ino system, the criteria of the DIN EN ISO 15197:2015 were met by the study data

You can download your personal copy of the report below as well as the CE and ISO15197:2013 certificates.

8 electrodes for reliability

Each VivaChek Ino test strip contains 8 electrodes, auto-coded during manufacture to provide minimum batch-to-batch variation and a unique mediator for stability during the shelf-life of the strip. The meter uses a unique algorithm to compensate for haematocrit, temperature and humidity.

  • 8 electrodes per strip
  • No coding required
  • Eliminates haematocrit interference
  • Eliminates temperature interference
  • Checks humidity exposure
  • Checks whether the amount of sample added is sufficient
  • Automatically recognises control solutions
  • Recognises a damaged strip

Temperature stability study

Test strips were stored at an elevated temperature of 65C for up to 2 weeks and the results compared with test strips stored at room temperature. After 2 weeks at 65C there was less than 1% deviation from room temperature with low, middle and high glucose levels, demonstrating the innate stability of VivaChek Ino test strips.

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