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VivaChek from NHS Supply Chain

VivaChek from NHS Supply Chain

Thursday 19th July 2018

We are pleased to confirm that the VivaChek blood glucose meter, test strips and lancets are now available through the NHS Supply Chain. Special pricing has been negotiated to offer affordable test strips for the monitoring of uncomplicated diabetes whether in clinic or hospital for professional use or for the self monitoring of blood glucose levels by your patients at home.

The VivaChek monitoring system is simple to use, providing fast, reliable results including features such as;

  • automatic control recognition
  • stores 900 patient results - not deleteable
  • 0.5µl sample size
  • wide haematocrit and temperature compensation
  • fixed to mmoles/l
  • strip ejector
  • test alarms

The system has independent, published evidence of ISO15197:2015 compliance and is supported by a nurse led customer care team.

For further information please contact JR Biomedical on Freephone 0800 612 7531 or email