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Low Price Glucose Test Strip Initiative for Type 2 Diabetics

Tuesday 6th December 2016

For the majority of type 2 diabetics, access to free blood glucose test strips on NHS prescription and free blood glucose meters from manufacturers is restricted. Perhaps that is not surprising. With an estimated cost of £170 million a year spent by the NHS on test strips for type 1 diabetics alone.

Today, JRBiomedical, the North Wales biotech who recently launched the VivaChek blood glucose meter (RRP £24.95) in the UK, announced that it is running a trial where it will provide a further 200 test strips for just an extra £5 when purchased at the same time as the meter. The bundle will be ideal for some type 2 diabetics that need to test infrequently - providing sufficient strips for testing once a day for over 6 months at a cost of just 2.5p a day.

Catherine Rees RGN, who leads the customer care team at JRBiomedical said, "Although not all type 2 diabetics need to check their blood sugar, this new initiative will give type 2 diabetics who wish to monitor their blood sugar levels, a more affordable option when free test strips are not available on prescription."

The bundle is available direct from JRBiomedical's consumer health care website called Health Check Shop.

JRBiomedical remains committed to exemplary customer care and providing blood glucose meters free of charge through GP surgeries and diabetes clinics.