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New medical device regulations become UK law on 25th May 2017

Thursday 4th May 2017

With the new Medical Device Regulations (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulations (IVDR) being published 5th May and becoming law on the 25th of May we are pleased to provide free help and answer any questions from medicines management professionals who are commissioning medical devices. The new regulations affect all medical devices and in vitro diagnostics including blood glucose meters for self monitoring through to CT scanners and laboratory tests. Although there is a transition period, all manufacturers and distributors must follow the new regulations. To register for updates on the implications of the new medical device regulations please confirm your details.

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Why your patient’s averages may be less reliable than you’d expect

Thursday 13th April 2017

All blood glucose meters available in the UK must now meet the requirements of the ISO15197:2013 international standard for providing reliable readings and most blood glucose meter manufacturers have published independent clinical evidence proving compliance with this standard. Unfortunately, no international standard can predict how blood glucose meters intended for self monitoring are ultimately used by your patients. In the hospital laboratory it is expected for biomedical scientists to run control samples when analysing patient specimens to ensure that the equipment is accurately calibrated and providing reliable results. Likewise, blood glucose meter manufacturers recommend that it is good practice for diabetics to regularly check their meter with a control solution. Reputable manufacturers provide tri-level controls of low, normal and high…

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Minister for Skills and Technology visits JRBiomedical

Friday 17th February 2017

Julie James AM, Minister for Skills and Technology met with Dr John Rees, director of JRBiomedical Ltd on Thursday morning along with other medical and technology companies who have their research laboratories based at Glyndŵr University in North Wales. Dr Rees gave Julie James AM a brief introduction to the company, demonstrated their new bluetooth enabled blood glucose meter and spoke about plans of a feasibility study to develop a new noninvasive concept in monitoring blood glucose levels. As well as distributing the VivaChek range of blood glucose meters on behalf of US company, VivaChek Laboratories Inc, JRBiomedical also develops, manufactures and distributes diagnostics for monitoring pharmaceutical processes and clinical diagnostics for use by hospitals and medical research institutes. The VivaChek range of…

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Ten key points to consider when choosing a new blood glucose meter

Thursday 9th February 2017

How do you choose the best glucose meter for your specific needs and what to avoid? Here are ten key things to consider before changing your meter. 1. Are the test strips available on prescription? With increasing constraints being placed on NHS resources, health commissioners are always looking for ways to save tax payers money. Although blood glucose meters are supplied free of charge to the NHS by most medical companies, savings can still be made by the NHS advocating the supply of meters with lower priced test strips. Because of this, not all test strips are available on prescription and others may be restricted depending on your type of diabetes. Most NHS regions now restrict the availability of test strips, recommending only those…

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New Quality Policy

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Our Quality Policy has been updated (12/1/17) Quality Policy JRBiomedical Ltd is a supplier of class 1 medical devices and in vitro diagnostic tests for both professional and self test use. The quality management system of JRBiomedical Ltd has been designed to comply with the international standard ISO 13485:2016 and to meet all the statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as those defined by its customers. The management of JRBiomedical is committed to the maintenance of the effectiveness and continual improvement of the quality management system and to ensuring that the quality policy and objectives are communicated to, understood and engaged with by all employees, and to provide the highest possible level of customer service and care. The Quality Policy shall be regularly…

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Low Price Glucose Test Strip Initiative for Type 2 Diabetics

Tuesday 6th December 2016

For the majority of type 2 diabetics, access to free blood glucose test strips on NHS prescription and free blood glucose meters from manufacturers is restricted. Perhaps that is not surprising. With an estimated cost of £170 million a year spent by the NHS on test strips for type 1 diabetics alone. Today, JRBiomedical, the North Wales biotech who recently launched the VivaChek blood glucose meter (RRP £24.95) in the UK, announced that it is running a trial where it will provide a further 200 test strips for just an extra £5 when purchased at the same time as the meter. The bundle will be ideal for some type 2 diabetics that need to test infrequently - providing sufficient strips for…

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Noninvasive blood glucose monitor

Monday 14th November 2016

JRBiomedical Ltd, the North Wales biotech company distributing the new VivaChek blood glucose meter in the UK, is to start a feasibility study in to the technical and commercial viability of a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system for diabetics. Currently, insulin dependent diabetics need to test their blood glucose levels several times a day using a lancet to produce a blood sample. Although the amount of blood required by blood glucose monitors, such as VivaChek, is only 0.5µL in volume, repeated use of lancets everyday can cause soreness and discomfort. A simple device, that avoids the need for a blood sample would be a significant step forward in the management of diabetes with opportunities to increase patient compliance with testing and a…

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Test kits for diabetes research

Thursday 10th November 2016

As well as launching the VivaChek blood glucose monitoring system this winter, JRBiomedical also provides a wide range of immunoassays for research and clinical use. In particular, the following ELISA kits are now available in the UK to help researchers and clinicians studying diabetes. AdiponectinAnti GAD (Glutamic acid decarboxylase)C-peptideInsulin antibodyInsulinProinsulin For further information on diabetes ELISA kits or to view the full range of laboratory diagnostics from JRBiomedical please visit

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Our New Customer Service Charter

Friday 4th November 2016

We have just published our Customer Charter which summarises our commitment to customer service. As part of our quality system we have a list of Approved Suppliers that we rely on. We know that they provide us with high quality products and customer service which allows us to meet the levels of quality and service expected from us by our customers too. In particular; allow customers access to our regulatory, scientific and clinical expertiseprocessing all orders the same day as they are received whenever possibleoperating to a documented quality system according to ISO13485:2016responding to customer enquiries in a professional and timely mannerholding monthly management meetings to discuss and implement quality improvements

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Anti GAD ELISA in Diabetes Research

Friday 4th November 2016

Glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) is an auto antigen which is thought to be one of the main factors involved in triggering specific autoimmune reactions towards pancreatic beta cells, the cells which produce Insulin within the pancreas. Around 80% of patients with recent onset type I diabetes mellitus have anti GAD antibodies within the serum, and it can also be found in those patients defined as 'pre diabetic'. [Jun et al. 2002, Sørgjerd et al. 2015]. Although Anti GAD can be found in individuals who are not diabetic and have no signs of being likely to develop diabetes, a study in 2015 [Sørgjerd et al.] looked at the presence of anti GAD in patients who are 'persistently non diabetic' and found that…

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